Whether you are putting on your first 5k or have been directing marathons, triathlons, and mud races for years, RegistrationX is the simplest and most affordable way to manage participants. Our highly flexible forms are perfect for mud races and triathlons with varying start times, categories, and waves. Just tell us what you need and we’ll build it for you.

We’ll even sponsor your event too!

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Free for race directors. Cheap for registrants. Unlike our competition, you don’t have to dig deep into our site to find our prices. You won’t find anything lower.

6.6%+$1.20 per registrant
Compare that to Active.com 6.75%+$1.25


Easy for registrants to signup. No account needed. Fast weekly payments to event directors through Paypal. Easily manage hundreds of registrants.

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Sponsorships Available

Event directors, we would like to sponsor your next event! We know putting on an event is expensive so we’d like to help. You actually make money using our service.

$0.50 per online registrant
Just 100 registrants = $50 sponsorship

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